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Each team is decided by a roll of the dice by each individual player. If the player rolls an odd number, then he is on the “bad” team; if a player rolls an even number, then he is on the “good” team. Teams are allotted OOC randomly, so that the manipulative gods and the non-manipulative gods are mixed together; the morality “average” of both teams will be equal.




Once teams are decided, each team is given a list of similar tasks to complete; like a “god scavenger hunt.” Rather than each sin being in an individual “round,” a ready set go type atmosphere is set, and the first team to complete all the items on the list is the winner. The stakes are these, as suggested in the original IC thread: services by the losing team to be served for the winning team.


At any given time, there are only two gods and two mortals in the game: one god from each team, trying to complete a different task for their team, working on one mortal each. Each god can go back to his team at any time for counseling and strategizing, but he is alone in the attempt to complete the task.




A master list of tasks, each similar in that they will both contain items that need to be completed from both the seven deadly sins and the seven holy virtues, will be given to both teams once the teams have been decided. There will be seven tasks for each team—all different— the counterpart of a sin will be given to the other team (viz., Team A will get Greed, and Team B will get Generosity).

While one team is working on a mortal to do something greedy, the other team will be working on another mortal to do something generous. If one team's mortal reacts according to their sin or virtue, that team will win. If the mortal acts against it, the team loses that point. So, for each given round, there may be a win or a tie.


These tasks will be in the form of “incite a mortal to” and then the task, including things such as “seduce someone other than their significant other” or “steal something of value” or “start a verbal fight in-bar.” All of these will be creative, and the teams will have to cooperate, and use intelligent strategy, in order to complete the entire list. There will be seven tasks, so that each mortal has one "cameo" in the plot.


All tasks must be completed in one of the following areas for the points to count: in the bar itself, in one of the rooms, on the lake or in the area surrounded the bar. If a god manages to draw a mortal out into another world, and then causes them to complete the task, no points are given.


A tentative list of various tasks for both teams is given here, almost all directly quoted from Roger. (Thanks!) As he mentioned, this can always stand suggested changes.

Note: “sexual contact” includes kissing, lover-type hugs, and the like.

 X = Mortal 1, and Y = Mortal 2.



Good Thing

Bad Thing


Chastity - X refrains from all forms of sexual contact for an entire day (bonus: X breaks Y's heart by doing so)

Lust - Y successfully seduces X (bonus: Y is not of X's normal sexual preference)

Generosity - X buys/makes and gives Y a big present (bonus: X and Y just met)

Greed - Y steals something of value from X (bonus: X is someone Y cares about)

Zeal – X enthusiastically participates in helping Y with solve a pressing problem

Sloth - Y ignores a pressing problem for an entire day and does absolutely nothing (bonus: and X is hurt as a result)

Meekness - X backs down from conflict with Y (bonus: X refuses to defend him/herself when struck)

Wrath - Y starts a loud fight with X in the bar (bonus: Y escalates and throws a punch)

Humility - X apologizes to Y or reveals a personal flaw (bonus: for something the mortal is proud of doing)

Pride - Y gloats about accomplishments to X though X is obviously better (bonus: the other party admits inferiority)

Charity - X makes a large monetary donation to Y (bonus: X is not riled up by the argument)

Envy - Y starts an argument with X out of jealousy over some quality of X that s/he wants





 To decide which mortal is used, a game such as “Rock Paper Scissors” or a flip of the coin will be used to decide which team gets to choose their mortal first—rather like drafting for teams in professional sports. The team that wins the flip will be able to decide what mortal they want to use first to complete a certain task. The other team will then be able to choose a mortal from the selections that are left. This will occur before each task in the game.


Both teams can use any mortal in the game pool; the pool is determined by a mystical act at the start, completed by Melpomene in front of both teams. However, only one task may be completed by utilizing a given mortal by either team—once a mortal is used to complete a task, that mortal is no longer in the running to be used in the game by anyone. S/he will be marked as “already used” on the list, and gods will have to find another mortal to complete a task.


Every mortal will be paired, in a way, with someone else in the bar, in order to make the tasks completable. For example, someone must agree beforehand that within the plot they will go to jail for punching someone else, due to manipulation by the gods.


Basic Rules


Gods cannot:

- force or compel the mortal into doing anything using their godly powers.

- reveal any goal to the mortals in any way, or

- exert influence on any other mortals outside the playing field.

This leaves both sides with nothing but charm, influence, and coersion to complete their objectives.

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