Aug. 11th, 2006

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… Through the door and into a place quite different from the casual warmth of the bar.

Deep cherry velvet carpets the antique wooden floors of the balcony that surrounds the ballroom; the grand staircase is about five paces from the door, directly before the doorway.


To the left of the staircase is a small, freestanding and solemn sign, pointing to an open doorway further down on the left, reading ‘Mask Room.’ Billy Batson, dressed to the nines in polished black, stands by the banister to give directions and general assistance.

From here you can see the revelry below.


[ooc: fyi - There is an actual Grand Staircase thread to be found here. The banister thread is for those not yet ready to make their entrances. Sorry for my terrible vagueness.]

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[ooc: please go first to the Through the Door thread. Thanks.]

 ETA: As of this thread, all new threads in the masquerade are now after midnight [the links below are now re-linked to after-midnight sub-threads]. React at your leisure.

The ballroom itself is a burst of dazzling light. Hanging from the vaulted ceiling are two gold-wrought chandeliers, both of which glow brightly over the occasion, and tall lanterns shine throughout the room.


The grand staircase descends with a flourish and opens onto the main ballroom. A balcony, which providing a clear view of the goings-on below, runs all the way around the edge of the room. It can be reached via any of the four spiral staircases in each corner of the ballroom.


Below, the wooden dance floor flickers gently in the light from above, and musicians in the side room play soft, classical music. Meg Giry, the dance mistress for tonight, is on the floor with a microphone in hand.


A low, wooden bar in the corner provides hors d’oeuvres and drinks to revelers; small tables for two sprinkle the area.


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