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Hiding behind the mask... Leading them all around in circles, poker-faced. You look over a Royal Flush and raise the stakes, because you know-- but I was the creator of the game. Sadistic, cynical, bleak, morbid, unrelenting-- but broken, at times, and vulnerable when you would not expect it. I have many sides, like shattered diamonds, reflecting your weaknesses and shining the light in your eyes.

Melpomene: a truly classical Mediterranean girl. Melpomene appears to be in her early thirties. She has messy black hair, and dark magnetic eyes. She is cynical and secretive. She looks good in leather, and has a tattoo of vines up her back (which most people never see). She carries a gun in her belt when she goes out at night in the city. Melpomene's hobbies primarily consist of brooding and chain-smoking.

Due to her vocation, Melpomene can influence people with her thoughts (though this is limited within the bar). She sees the images and ideas in peoples' minds, bright strokes of color that inspire or become inspired. She has the gift of language, and can understand any language, dead or alive, that you throw at her, and will respond in kind.

OOC Disclaimer

Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, comes from ancient Greek mythology and not out of my own imagination. She is being used and manipulated as a character in various RPGs [not least of which is milliways-bar], and I make no money from the usage of her. Primary PB is Monica Bellucci.
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